About Us


Project CRISS has active trainers in Canada and over 30 U.S. states. We have three tiers of trainers: District, National, and Master. These trainers are certified through Project CRISS, and must maintain their status to ensure quality delivery of CRISS professional development.

Master Trainers are certified to facilitate Introduction to Project CRISS workshops, follow-up workshops, consulting services, and Project CRISS Training of Trainers workshops for sustained implementation in any school, district, region, or state in the United States or Canada. Master Trainer certification is by invitation.

National Trainers complete rigorous certification requirements and are certified to facilitate Introduction to Project CRISS workshops, follow-up training, and consulting services. District Trainers interested in becoming a National Trainer should contact the Project CRISS National Office.

District Trainers complete certification requirements† to work within their schools and districts to deliver high quality Introduction to Project CRISS workshops and implementation support. They work with other District Trainers, administrators, and teacher-leaders to maintain CRISS implementation as part of an effective, embedded, long-term initiative. District Trainers usually work as an employee of a school or district, although some work for regional agencies, universities, service centers, or cooperatives.

If you want to offer Project CRISS professional development to your school or district, you will need to start your initiative with a CRISS National or Master Trainer. Contact the CRISS National Office (CNO) by phone at 1-877-502-7477 or email us at info@projectcriss.com to start the process. We will discuss your needs and find the right trainer* for you!

Do you want training or have a small number of staff you want trained? Project CRISS now offers regional Introduction to Project CRISS workshops. We will work with you to identify an existing training check our calendar here or to arrange a regional training in your area. Minimum and maximum registration numbers apply. Contact us by phone at 1-877-502-7477 or email for more information.

*We match trainers to requests whenever possible, taking into consideration audience grade levels and content areas, geographic location, and trainer availability.

†District Trainer certification requirements include:

  • Certification as a classroom teacher.
  • Participation in at least one Introduction to Project CRISS workshops (12-24 hours each) with the 4e prior to the CRISS Training of Trainers workshop within the last four years. We recommend trainer candidates attend a minimum of two Intro workshops prior to completing certification.
  • Classroom experience using the CRISS Frameworks for Teaching and Learning prior to participation in the CRISS Training of Trainers workshop. This experience may be as a classroom teacher or in collaboration with a classroom teacher.
  • Successful completion of the CRISS Training of Trainers workshop (4+ days, 28+ contact hours).
  • Successful completion of and reflection over an Introduction to Project CRISS workshop (12-24 contact hours) within 18 months of the Training of Trainers, either under an experienced Project CRISS mentor trainer or with support from the National Office.
  • Completion of one CRISS Framework for Teaching instructional plan. Candidates design and implement one or more lessons, collect student work and student reflections, and submit with a personal reflection to the CRISS National Office for evaluation.
  • Broad knowledge of education research and theory specific to content discipline area comprehension and learning.
  • Ability to train and coach K-12 teachers of all content areas, conduct the Introduction to Project CRISS workshop, and offer implementation support, unassisted, with fidelity to the Project CRISS Frameworks for Teaching and Learning.

In order to maintain District Trainer certification, District Trainers must facilitate an Introduction to Project CRISS workshop (12-hour minimum) at least once every three years. The CRISS National Office can help develop a recertification plan for those unable to meet this requirement.